Ongoing Math Homework

Greetings Second Grade Families,

Your child is learning to use multiplication and division to solve story problems.  Our math program also requires students to begin memorizing the multiplication facts because we can’t draw or use cubes to solve for large numbers in a timely manner. Most second graders know the 2s, 5s and 10s facts. Most can count up by 3s and 4s to solve those multiplication facts. The 6s, 7s, 8s and 9s require repeated practice at home until they can be recited automatically.  We are practicing with fact family cards in school, however the vast majority of second graders will need to spend ten minutes a day during the summer to learn these facts. They will be so happy in third grade and thank you for requiring the discipline and time to achieve this worthwhile goal.

Monday June 5,2017

Dear Second Grade Families, 

Monday, June 5th we leave for a Sauvie Island Farm field trip. Walking shoes, a water bottle and sack lunch are needed. We can get cafe lunches before we leave.  Please talk to your child about the importance of staying with the group at all times. We will do the same at school. If mid 70s is sun hat weather plz send a hat as well.


It will be an educational and fun day learning about decomposers, pollinators, plant parts and lifecycles and more.


We Can Use Some Help Please!

Greetings parents! Second Grade Egyptologists are performing a play about Egyptian gods and goddesses, and need your help gathering costume supplies.

1. Plain bed sheet unfitted for tunic

2.  Paper tower tubes or toilet paper tubes to build a crown that is a replica of those depicted in ancient texts and art.

3. Sandals (if you have them)

4. Black eyeliner, blue eye shadow and red lipstick to replicate the ancient makeup. (If you have any to spare)

Students are making their crowns and medalians in class as well as props.  They worked out the soundtrack with Savi’s leadership.

We are not stressing about this performance. We hope to perform on the last Thursday of school.

Ancient Egypt reports are nearly complete and soon we will build a tool to carry water from The Nile to our fields.

We’ve been working on capacity: cups, pints, quarts, half gallon, gallon as well as area and perimeter and four digit addition and subtraction.

Sunscreen is strongly recommended for these bright days.

Pajama Day May 5th

Yes it’s true, we are headed to second grade in our jammies tommorrow. Stuffies are optional, yet encouraged.  Our Egyptologists have earned a needed day of fun!  Speaking of fun, we are working towards a class party.  When our cube box is full, look out! We will partay. Soon we will build another simple machine in the maker space. It will carry water from the Nile to our fields of wheat, peas and beans.  

Simple Machines in Ancient Egypt

A few 2nd grade anthroplogists have completed rough drafts of their ancient Egyptian research. In addition to learning the geography, food, clothing, sbelter, beliefs, transportation and climate: our class researchers chose 3 additional subtopics such as recreation, gods and godesses, mummies, weapons, government and more. We are amazed by the advanced engineering, science, math, art, medicines and architecture the ancients excelled at. One classmate is i terested in archaeoastronomy, the allignment of celestial bodies with temples and pyramids. Ask your second grsde anthropologist what interests them.