Simple Machines in Ancient Egypt

A few 2nd grade anthroplogists have completed rough drafts of their ancient Egyptian research. In addition to learning the geography, food, clothing, sbelter, beliefs, transportation and climate: our class researchers chose 3 additional subtopics such as recreation, gods and godesses, mummies, weapons, government and more. We are amazed by the advanced engineering, science, math, art, medicines and architecture the ancients excelled at. One classmate is i terested in archaeoastronomy, the allignment of celestial bodies with temples and pyramids. Ask your second grsde anthropologist what interests them.


Play practice is going well!

Speaking of the play please start gathering costume ideas, make the costume at home and come to school in your costume two weeks from today. Also find your sun glasses and bring them to school on Monday.  Today we learned the steps of our research project and looked at the graphic organizer and noticed we will be researching appearance, diet, habitat, predators, life cycle and interesting facts about our rain forest animal. Our binders are organized for note taking, sloppy copies, final copies, cover page, table of contents and about the author page.  We have reserved the rolling ipad cart everyday next week and expect to have a sloppy copy by next Friday.  We will need a lot of focus coupled with curiosity.